For Naturalpes, things are clear: no residues of any chemicals in products made from CBD cannabis plants. Would you want the CBD cannabis oil you use to relax to be made from plants full of chemicals? Naturalpes thinks not and that's why we require our producers and partners to use no chemical fertilizers, no synthetic pesticides and no fertilizers. What you find in Naturalpes products is CBD cannabis flower and nothing else. Of course we need hemp seed oil (certified organic) to dilute our oils and vitamin E for preservation.

This is one of our strengths: our partners understand this and share the Naturalpes values, notably the strict respect of plants, biodiversity and nature in general. Our CBD cannabis plants are therefore naturally healthy, organic, and develop optimal flavours and properties.

CBD grown in Switzerland

The Naturalpes teams regularly visit the region to monitor the progress of the plantations, both outdoor and indoor. Together, farmers and Naturalpes combine their knowledge and work in a united and transparent way. Naturalpes knows which plant qualities the company needs. The farmers have a perfect command of their land. This association allows us to control the production process, from the choice of seed to the final product, while respecting our philosophy: working locally and favouring short circuits.

Moreover, in the context of the climate crisis, we feel it is our duty to do our bit. Every kilometre that is not driven for transport is a small victory against air pollution. Every chemical that is not spilled is a support for biodiversity and the health of the population. Small streams make big rivers and Naturalpes wants to participate in the fight to save the planet.

CBD production

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