At Naturalpes we work with the best Swiss growers and laboratories to guarantee the traceability, safety and quality of our CBD products.

Located in the heart of the Valais, our partner laboratory shares our values, our vision and our rigor. It enjoys modern infrastructures at less than 40km from the cannabis cultivations in order to limit the transports and thus reduce the ecological footprint of the various actors of the company.

The three chemists who run it have been involved in the CBD cannabis field since 1998. From formulation to extraction and processing of CBD plants, our scientists are at the forefront of what is currently being done in Switzerland and around the world.

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Since 2021, the laboratory works according to the ISO standard. This is a worldwide certification applied to the manufacture of raw materials and finished products for human or veterinary use. It validates among others:

- Compliance with good manufacturing practices

- Hygiene and organizational practices at all levels

In addition, the certification aims to limit the risks of :

- Cross-contamination of products (by another product, or an internal and external contaminant)

- Confusion, especially with regard to labelling and identification of components

The working method of our laboratory complements the organic cultivation of our plants and the ISO 9001 standard obtained by Naturalpes. Together, these strict criteria guarantee consumers traceability for effective, stable and high quality products.

How are our oils made?

Naturalpes is a transparent company. Our "kitchens" are open. We are therefore pleased to detail the manufacturing process of our oils:

Hemp seed and variety selection
We carefully select the different CBD cannabis plants we need. Indeed, a good raw material is the basis of any good product.

Cultivation of CBD cannabis
Our farmers take care of the cultivation of the cannabis plants. For outdoor plants, our hemp culture respects the specifications of the organic standards.

Drying, transformation into biomass

Once harvested, the plants are cleaned, trimmed and dried. They will then be crushed to be reduced to a vegetable mass (also called biomass).

Extraction of the raw oil (or crude oil) with gas

The extraction is performed with solvents such as pentane, butane or CO2, an inert gas. It is indeed this extraction technique, the cleanest at the moment, which is used by our laboratory. Then comes the evaporation of the gas which is carried out under vacuum (vacuum), at low temperature. This eliminates the solvents, while maintaining a high CBDA content in the raw oil.

This stage allows to obtain a raw concentrate of the plant of cannabis. To obtain the products of the range RAW, with complete spectrum (FULL SPECTRUM).

Treatment of the parent material, as required

The raw oil obtained will then be processed for the manufacture of the two other ranges GOLD and WELLNESS. This process involves the following steps:

  1. Filtration, or winterization, of the mother paste (to filter out fats, waxes and chlorophyll)
  2. The distillation which guarantees a total decarboxylation (which makes the CBD pass in active mode thus of the acid status to neutral)

At this stage, the substance obtained is still full spectrum (FULL SPECTRUM). This extract will be used for all the products of the GOLD range.

For the WELLNESS range, with broad spectrum (BROAD SPECTRUM), we carry out a chromatography by gas phases which makes it possible to eliminate the residual molecule of THC of the extract.

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Mixing and preparation
The different CBD extracts obtained are then diluted in organic hemp seed oil or organic coconut oil, depending on the desired content. We finally enrich the mixtures in vitamin E. This step allows the stabilization and a better conservation of the oils.

Packaged in bottles, pens or jars
The oils are packaged by our partner according to strict sanitary standards.

Final controls and marketing
Thanks to the follow-up of all the stages of the process, each product is controlled and traced with a batch number to allow its commercialization.

We systematically carry out two analyses, in order to ensure the perfect legality of the products:

  1. A first in the extraction lab;
  2. A second one in an external SAS and ISO 17025 accredited laboratory.

At Naturalpes, traceability is an essential aspect of the production chain. This permanent follow-up allows us to verify that each product reaches the expected quality level.

In a desire for transparency, our teams are obviously available to answer all your questions.

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